Friday, November 6, 2009

Open to Suggestion? Editing: an "Opt-In" Option

It's possible that my strident and insistent stance towards utter and total undeditedness, an absolute PASS/FAIL, a you submit it, I'll either post it as-is or it's utzed - that might be more my own personal preference as a touchy and intolerant-of-any-sort-of-criticism-or-feedback artiste.

So, to any one of you who wish to be a REVIEWER/EE, anyone who wishes to submit (via the dedicated e-mail address above) a review of your own blog, but who is *not like me* and who would perhaps, welcome feedback, welcome a little suggestion or two, or question or proposed-shaping-or-tweaking, as proposed by me, your dear and faithful host, well shit. I'd be willing to take a crack at it. I'll give it a shot. After all, even top-notch reviewers do have editors to help offer a suggestion or two! And so why not: I'd be willing to open myself to the possibility, to serve, in some minor capacity, as your editor.

Bearing in mind: an editor who authors his own blog has a fool for a readership.

So here would be the procedure on that. When you put in the submission (via the dedicated e-mail!), my regular assumption is - no tampering, no feedback desired, run as-is or not at all. So if that's how you roll, cool, that's my default setting. But if you'd be interested in hearing suggestions (if I think I have any that'll help), then simply: when you put in your submission (via the dedicated e-mail), put at the top of it:


- in all caps.

In most cases, if I think it's good to go as-is and needs no suggestions from me, I'll just let it rip, publish it. But I assure you, in no event will I publish anyone's submission with that big fat SUGGESTIONS WELCOME right across the top of it. This isn't some elaborate mean prank, or anything.

The usual disclaimer applies: when you put in a suggestion, it may take a variable amount of time for me to get back to you at all. This could be due to me being at work, or at the beach, or slaving under my workload of poems, or needing time to properly consider what you've written, or some other excuse (suggestions welcome).

So! There's that too. It's another option, if you're interested in such things.

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