Thursday, August 27, 2009


Be The First to Review Your Own Blog!

But be warned: our stadnards are high.


Allie said...

I'm totally going to do this next time I'm sitting on my couch thinking "what can I do?" This will be it.

One question... can I post the review I write of my blog on my blog with a link to your blog so other people can do this too? And also so I can show off how awesome my review of myself is going to be? Because you better believe that I'll do a fanfuckingtastic job, Joe. I will.

I really like this idea!

dogimo said...

That would be fine! And of course, you retain copyright for the review you have written, and are free to post it anywhere else you like!

I thought it was a pretty sweet idea, myself, so I'm heartened you think so too.

The main thing is to be sure to e-mail the submission to the dedicated address! Once you've fine tuned it and given your best critical assessment.

dogimo said...

Oh, hey, wait! One small qualifier, I would suggest - just for the sake of form, mind you - that you post the review on your blog after it gets posted here. Because otherwise, if you post it at your place it isn't up yet here (for instance, I'm at work), people are going to read it there, click through to see it here and end up feeling gypped.

Whereas, if you hold out 'til it hits here, it's a sweet slam-dunk for everyone to see! Of course, as I said - you're the author so I can't say huff about it other than as a suggestion!

I'm a pretty big author's rights advocate.