Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All For Now!

All acceptable submissions have been posted. Thank you to all who submitted! If your submission was not posted, it was for one of the following reasons:

1. Quality - submissions with poor spelling, grammar, or submissions that are simply poorly-written, cannot be posted. No offense. The #1 criteria for consideration is quality. I have no problem with minor typos, in fact I won't even correct them unless the submitter requests editorial guidance! But the submission has got to be a well-written, interesting, quality review in order for it to be posted.

2. Impartiality - if the submission comes off more as a press release or marketing piece than a work of impartial criticism, then it will not matter how well-written it is. Those pieces have their place. Elsewhere. Again: no offense.

3. Brevity - there is no specific length requirement! Some of the posted reviews are quite concise - but they manage to pack in the meat and the sauce necessary to satisfy requirement #1. If the submission amounts to little more than a blurb, then it's probably not going to be able to do that. Never say never, but it would have to be one hell of an impartial, informative, sharply-analytical blurb to pull it off.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Of this past batch of submissions, not one single submission fell down on criteria #1. Among all submissions - posted and unposted alike - the quality was uniformly up-to-snuff. One submitter's piece, it almost pained me not to post: an extremely professional style of article, a nice press release touting the aspects and services of what looks to be a worthy blog. Well-written, but this is simply not the place for a promotional piece no matter how well-done. Respects and apologies to you.

My dear blurb submitter - again, apologies and respects. I am following your blog! Hopefully that's some consolation.

I wish to thank every single submitter for the contribution and for the inspiration. I was even motivated to try my hand, and review my own blog!

My submission failed to meet the standard. It was so far from impartial that I was humiliated at the prospect of posting such a bad example here, and bringing down the shine from all you, who have taken it seriously.

Until the next batch gets rolling, thank you all and Cheers! May your followers be attentive, your commenters be inventive, and your critical faculties remain ever-sharp! Only when we can see our own works for what they are worth, can we ever hope to better our own best efforts.

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