Thursday, November 19, 2009

Or At The Very Least, Outstandingly Average


Extraordinarily Ordinary is a relatively new blog started mid-October of 2009. The author, Amy, strives to make everyday life interesting, by adding a dash of humor while telling it like it is. Not all of the author's posts are humorous, but this is understandable as life is not always amusing.

The author's writing style seems a bit all over the place and at times her attempts at humor fall quite short. One can only hope that as the blog develops, so will it's author. She has a strange obsession with Wawa, which she mentions often, perhaps to her own detriment as only .15% of the world know what Wawa is. Perhaps she should stick more with funny antidotes about her pets.

As it stands, the blog is a pleasant read but isn't quite hitting the mark yet as to what makes a good blog good. However, we are looking forward to seeing more from Amy in the future to see how she grows as a writer to be more generally appealing and not so mind numbingly dull.

Her tag line is "It's a fine line between mundane and exciting." For right now she's on the wrong side of the line. I'm giving this blog a C-/D+ but definitely see some potential. Keep your eye on this blogger, she may just have what it takes to make it if she does something to make her life more interesting. Like becoming a stripper... or a matador.

contributing reviewer/ee
Amy from Extraordinarily Ordinary


Allie said...


That was a great review! Your blog is new, but I think it is destined to be great. You really do have a way with words.

Allie said...

And by "great review" I didn't necessarily mean "accurate." It was hilarious, and that part was great, but I think you deserve much higher marks.

I give it an A.

And I should know because I invented the internet. Secretly.

Amy said...

Thanks, Allie! I didn't even think you still read it. :o)