Friday, November 13, 2009

Serving Up Texas-Style Ribs: Austin Carnivore


Having nothing to do with eating meat and little to do with the city of Austin, Texas writer Grant Bates shows off his flare for the obvious while making observations. Austin Carnivore is a site about the adventures of a semi-intelligent guy who is new to the blogging world. You can tell he is a newbie, or n00b as the virgin says, when visiting his site, a site that one could call simple and clean but to the trained eye lazy and boring. Having only 10 google-followers and 41 twitter-followers(Half of which are bots.) Grant has yet to find his audience.

The sites content is all over the place ranging anywhere from shopping list and photos of homeless peoples poetry to confessions of an inability to meet new people. The Carnivore has yet to find his niche. While he spins his yarns he reminds his readers in a religious fashion that he a) drinks too much b) is single and c) they probably have something to do with one another. You get the sense that Grant could possibly be a lonely fellow.

Humor is a important component of the site. More accurately dark humor and even more more accurately self defecating humor, which in this writers opinion is far darker than self deprecating humor. See what the critics are saying.

"I die (laughing) every time I read one of your posts..." :D :D :D
-Tolly via.

From time to time Austin Carnivore will post some music on the site. Don't be fooled. This so called "music." Is anything but. Usually Grant is just promoting his friends bands hoping that they will return the favor. Judging by the sites lack of followers his back has yet to be scratched.

Simple, lazy, funny, that about sums it up. Diving head first into the internet writer Grant B creates a place for all of gods Children.
contributing reviewer/ee
Grant B. from Austin Carnivore

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